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Lilith Conjunct South Node Zine

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Adore Subtract, Lilith Conjunct South Node. 2015.

Lilith Conjunct South Node is an accordion style colour zine that features digital glitch collages, a selection of collected one-liner prose and text from OCAD U’s Sexual Assault Protocol draft. Lilith is an astrological object referred to as the Black Moon, and is connected to Christ mythology. Lilith was Adam’s mistress in the Eden story. The Lilith archetype represents dark sexuality, rejection, and vengeance. The south node is an astrological object representing the nodal axis of the moon. It is seen as a sensitive karmic spot in a native’s birth chart. The south node infers indulgent behaviour and negative psychological patterns in an individual. The zine is the author’s abstract account of how these astrological objects interacted on the date of her sexual assault.

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