Forgotten Language is the documentation of my pursuit for radical self-acceptance for the many states of being that reside in me. A collection of performative acts of cultural reclamation is evidenced by the messy, untangling process that ensues when recovering lost histories. Some works are reactions to how colonialism has affected me personally and intergenerationally. Dualism, metaphysical multiplicities, and land-based knowledge is intrinsic to traditional arts, lifeways and ways of telling. Language is stored in the history of land. Stories are embedded linguistically through mnemonic and symbolic coding, abstraction, body movements and stored memories. Language is place. Place is being. These studies are stories of returning to knowledge that was taken away. I have engaged with difficult internal dialogues that emerge from stitch and bead, medicine, relationship to place and time, embodied resistance, complex blood memory, trying to connect with lost family members, being of mixed heritage, colonization, lateral violence, internalized racism, self-love and forgiveness. Forgotten language is my intent to heal ancestral wounds through restoring cultural literacy in myself and existing on various planes of being, undoing and reclaiming.

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