Title: Senga Jai

Medium: Acrylic on Wooden Panel

Dimensions: 18x24

Year: 2016

This piece is a glimpse into the vulnerability and raw emotion of trans artist Senga Jai after
sending photos in to their doctor for a consultation for top surgery. Top surgery is a surgical procedure of having the breasts removed, which some trans-identified individuals choose to undergo as part of their transition. This portrait intends to capture the complex nature of transitioning bodies and gender dysphoria, as well as the beauty and frailty of the human condition.

"So have third consult for top surgery with a doctor in Florida this Wednesday. It's a phone consult and have to send photos of the chest in. And just took these photos and they're really hard to look at. Used to think I am less deserving of this procedure because maybe I am less needy than others. So took a photo of myself right after having to look at my own chest. And this is what I look like after having to take those photos and look at them. Took a selfie. As a reminder to self. that maybe I am deserving of this procedure. Have been waiting for it since puberty. It's super personal, but as an artist -vowed to share myself entirely, so here's that genuine rawness of what it feels like dealing with gender sometimes. "

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