Performance art documentation from Home Fire, Grad Ex 103, May 5, 2018, an installation that challenges institutions' complicity in systemic oppression and violence. 

An award ceremony was conducted in the Drawing and Painting chair's office, with an impromptu photobooth, acknowledging OCAD University's various departments, structures, faculty, staff and administrators for maintaining a culture of silence around issues of inequity and mismanagement of student concerns over the span of multiple years. 

Awards were written based on student testimony and disclosure as a socially engaged arts project whose aim was to rebalance the power structures and regain autonomy to students who have been shoved out of the institution for identity-based reasons, as well as unresolved cases of harassment and human rights violations, misconduct within student services, registration, shop and studio provisions, including improper cultural training by staff, faculty and administrators and repeated failure to accommodate students with disability or identity-based barriers.

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