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Malqutmekl Ma'susi'l Sticker (We Eat Fiddleheads)

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We Eat Fiddleheads - Malqutmekl Ma'susi'l 

3" Circular Die Cut Sticker on Weatherproof Vinyl

Fiddleheads are one of our traditional food sources and are a really interesting edible plant! In the early Springtime, fiddleheads are one of the first vegetables to rise from the soil. They are actually a premature fern plant that has a very high nutritional value. So cool!

The Mi'kmaw word for fiddlehead is ma'susi.

Give this sticker to an Indigenous friend in your life, or to tell the story of our native land by decorating your phone, your laptop or notebooks (or your face, nobody's judging!) with this cute and kindhearted sticker.

Malqutmann means to eat (for inanimate nouns). Our language is beautiful. Ask us about our animate and inanimate nouns!

Embrace the beauty of language resurgence in Mi'kma'ki and help us keep our Indigenous languages alive.

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