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Two Spirit Mi'kmaq Hieroglyph Sticker

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2.2" x 2" Die Cut Glitter Sticker

Celebrate Two Spirit and L'nu pride, decorate your laptop, phone, notebooks, your face, or whatever your heart desires!

This symbol is used as a reclamation of the ancient Mi'kmaq hieroglyph system, one of the earliest writing systems known. Historically, the glyphs were used by missionaries to translate Catholic prayer books to L'nuk.

The symbol is mjijaqamij — meaning spirit, soul or shadow. It is doubled and some two spirit Mi'kmaq use this to self-identify.

I made and designed these stickers because I really wanted them to exist and so I am learning, sometimes you have to create spaces that you wish existed yourself. Chances are, people are also seeking the same thing but are in the same situation.

I created these as an offering to community who also want a 2S sticker for L'nu who are proud of their culture and identity.

I want to continue making our symbols accessible to community in an intentional way, so we can come back to our knowledges and culture. If you are an L'nu community maker who dreams of the same, I want to co-create this world and join together <3 

ms+t no'kmaq

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